“This community deserves better”: Indooroopilly Mum to run for Greens in Walter Taylor Ward

31 October 2019

The Greens will run lifelong local Michaela Sargent as their candidate for Walter Taylor, right where they got their first ever MP elected to Queensland Parliament in 2017. 

Michaela Sargent standing at Mt Coot-tha lookout

Sargent said she never planned to run for office, but was inspired after seeing the local Greens MP, Michael Berkman, do politics differently. 

“Residents deserve a representative in Council who’ll actually listen, show up, and fight for what matters,” she said.

“The LNP Council’s poor consultation and bad planning decisions have given us overdevelopment, congested and unsafe roads, and vanishing greenspace.

“My girls’ school is overcrowded, and our parks and walkways are disappearing across the west side.

“Having worked in community development for over 18 years in over 10 countries, I realise that I can use my expertise here, in my own community.”

Greens MP for Maiwar Michael Berkman said a Greens Councillor for Walter Taylor, in addition to Paddington where the Greens need to change just 1 in 20 votes to win, would be a huge asset for the local community.

“This year we saved Mt Coot-tha from privatisation, after the LNP Council wanted to hand it over to a tourism business for their destructive megazipline development,” he said. 

“That win showed how powerful and engaged this community is -- just imagine what we could do with more Greens representatives.

“We could democratise our local planning system, build connected, walkable, sustainable suburbs on the west side, and create more green spaces and community hubs like libraries and markets. 

“Residents know that Greens representatives will stand up for the community and the environment, not for the LNP’s big business donors.

“That’s why the LNP definitely shouldn’t be taking Walter Taylor for granted anymore.”

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